Monday, November 1, 2010

Thumbs up for "A Weekend with Mr. Darcy"

By Tiffany Young
This sweet novel should be on any Jane Austen fan's list of books to read. I realize their are some die-hard fans that may think it's an affront to the author to do spin-offs of her work, but this lovely read is inspired by Austen's novels, rather than trying to rewrite them as works such as "Clueless" attempted to do.
A Weekend with Mr. Darcy, by Victoria Connelly is set in England, partly in Jane Austen's hometown. Book lovers meet for a weekend conference to enjoy, what seems to them, will be a relaxing, enjoyable weekend, but becomes a bit more of a romantic whirlwind for the two heroines in the novel.
Katherine Roberts, an Austen specialist, is done with lying, cheating men and just wants to get away when she meets Warwick, a handsome man that wants to get close to her, but forgets to to tell her a minor detail that she may think is more important that he share than he thinks.
Robyn Love, a romantic who has been dating a very unromantic fellow for years, tries escaping for a nice, quiet weekend only to be followed by her boyfriend whom she's trying to get rid of. When she meets someone who may be Mr. Right, will she be able to let Mr. Wrong go once and for all? Or will she let guilt keep her stuck in a rut "'Til death do us part?"
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