Saturday, November 6, 2010

French film "Priceless"

I mentioned my love of libraries in my last post and one reason for that beyond the extensive list of books is that I can use the library as my very own "Blockbuster." Only it's free and has a wider variety of films!

For instance, yesterday I went to pick up a book I had on hold, "Pilgrim's Progress," and decided to pick up the first film I saw, "Priceless."

I didn't know it was a French film, but I thought perhaps it could be judging from the back description saying it was set on the French Riviera.

Sure enough, I had picked up a French film, which I would never do at Blockbuster. I'm not even sure they have much of a list of foreign films.

It turned out to be a very cute romantic comedy in which a bell boy and bartender for a swanky hotel falls for a woman who goes from man to man trying to find a rich husband and has nothing to own for herself. Thinking he is rich, she falls into his bed only to find out when her fiance has left her he has little money to speak of. She goes around spending his money like a little spoiled girl until he spends his last euro for ten more seconds with her.

But then he becomes a boy toy for an older woman and begins playing her own games. They sneak around their "lovers'" backs, but how long can they keep their secret and will love or money prevail?

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