Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Letters to Juliet" Review

In preparation for my trip to Italy in October, I am trying to watch and read all things Italian. Last night I watched "Letters to Juliet" at Arbor Cinema Gateway. I was happy to see I wasn't the only woman making the venture alone. While the movie is as romantically cheesy as you may imagine, I'd still suggest it to anyone who loves romantic comedies and happy endings.

Sophia, a young woman living in New York and working as a fact checker at the New Yorker wants her chance to become a writer. When her fiance and her take off for a pre-wedding honeymoon to Italy, she finds her fiance has plans to mix work with pleasure, asking her to visit vineyards and auctions with his clients.

Sophia ends up letting her fiance continue working as she goes off and explores Verona on her own. What she finds is a wall where heartbroken women write letters to Juliet. When she follows a lady collecting the letters, she finds out that a small group of women actually write these women back every day with solutions to their men problems.

When she begins helping them collect letters, she finds a 50-year-old letter behind a stone that falls from the wall from a woman named Claire. Claire was supposed to meet her prince and runaway, but go cold feet and ended up moving back to her home in England. Claire decides she must respond to Claire's letter and a few days later Claire arrives with her doesn't-believe-in-true-love grandson. The grandson ends up tagging along as Claire and Sophia take a journey to find Claire's lost love, Lorenzo.

Will Sophia and her fiance make it after all this separation? Will Claire find her true love? And can they change the grandson's mind about love? Find out the answers to all of this by watching "Letters to Juliet."