Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally: A supernatural book with a sense of humor

By Tiffany Young

"Hounded" by Kevin Hearne begins with a very old druid in the body of a 21-year-old shopkeeper, Atticus O'Sullivan. Hoping to keep his home secret, he changes his Irish name, opens an occult bookshop and minds his own business.

Fate has other plans, however, as supernatural body after supernatural body hunts him down to tell him about others coming after him and giving him advice. While he knows he can trust his vampire and werewolf attorneys, can he trust the goddesses and witches who say they want to help him against his rival?
The story line is pretty amusing with him communicating silently with his dog, who makes jokes even as he is at battle with his arch rival, asking for steak and French poodles when everything is over.

The magic and different beings are also described thoroughly enough for an outsider like me to understand what their particular gifts are, which makes the fact that there are multiple beings tolerable.

This is the first of three books, and I think I am up for a trilogy if the rest of the Supernatural Book Club is.