Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buy the Book

By Tiffany Young
Despite my love of the library, I'm ordering a book, "Black Magic Woman" from Amazon to take part in a supernatural book club some of my Twilight-fanned friends have begun. I missed the first book they read (although I heard it wasn't truly miss-worthy). Our next meeting will be at the beginning of December, and while the sci-fi and supernatural books aren't my first pick, I'm looking forward to a change. Sometimes a book will surprise you or lead you into a whole new genre. I always tell people who claim they're not a reader that they probably just haven't found the right kind of book for them yet. Try something different and try others' recommendations. You may be surprised! But don't feel like you have to finish a book if you're not feeling it. Sometimes I'll tuck a book for years before pulling it out and discovering the first time around just wasn't the right time for me to discover the book's riches. Have a readful day!

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