Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Beach House" BY Jane Green

A novel whose characters are interwoven as their stories unfold, this fictional book gets better and better as you read. Nan, a true character in her later years shocks strangers with her carefree personality, but when she opens her house to strangers in the form of a bed-and-breakfast, they instantly become family to loving woman and mother of Michael, who also comes home to stay at her home in Nantucket after his life begins to crumble. While all the housemates feel like their home-lives have all but fell apart, they find new homes that fit even better than the ones they've left behind. From Daniel, who must tell his wife that he's been living a lie throughout their marriage, to Daff, whose daughter Jess won't talk to her except when telling her she hates her, to Michael and Nan—they all find a way of life more fitting and natural than they could have imagined. Though Nan is in for a shock of her own, her new family is able to support her and help her through until she realizes she can finally let go of something she's held onto for years.