Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: "Winning the Clutter War" is a great book for 'messies'

By Tiffany Young

Unlike many organizing books, "Winning the Clutter War" is made for those of us with a real clutter problem. Some of the books on the market tend to be talking to people who already have it all together.

This book is not like that! It gives step-by-step directions on how to change your behavior from procrastination and disorganization to living in a clean, organized home. And she's not unrealistic either.

The author admits that if you are a natural 'messie,' you likely won't have a spotless home in the near future. But having a home that people can drop in at and you won't be horribly embarrassed is a real possibility by following a few key points.

One of those points I enjoyed was the strategy to work circularly around your home giving yourself ample time to complete a drawer or area. Unlike some books, there is no stress to tackle any area in a given amount of time or to merely tell you about the 2 or 3 boxes to carry around for throw away, donation and keep. Although she does use this as part of an overall strategy, it is not the only advice she has.

She also goes into detail about how to set up chores to ensure that one the home is clean and organized it stays that way.

I especially enjoy that she has lots of other resources listed in case you need more help and that she gives real examples of problem areas and how to solve them. It is much less general than the organization books I usually find and I believe her when she says that she had to learn to live this way rather than it coming naturally.

If you tend to have messy home, I would highly recommend this as your first read to overcoming clutter and living an organized life!

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