Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Frumpy to Fabulous Flaunting It" mostly on-mark

"Frumpy to Fabulous Flaunting It" is a pretty extensive book on how to choose a personal style for yourself. It does not have a ton of visuals to see examples, but it does go through different body types, how to choose colors and styles depending on skin tone and body shape and the psychology behind wearing something and flaunting it. I'd say about half of the book discusses things like body issues over what to actually wear, but Natalie Jobity does a pretty good job of describing what should and shouldn't be in your closet as well. 
I will say she emphasized that everyone should try to look tall, encouraging high heels for short women, which I can't say I necessarily agree with. I think high heels on a daily basis is terrible for your body. See these articles for more on that: What health dangers lurk in your closet and High Heels: Worth the Health Risk?
Otherwise, I enjoyed her advice and took the opportunity to re-evaluate my closet. A lot of the advice you have probably heard before, but it is a pretty new book, so unlike some fashion books it is not yet outdated in its advice. 
I'd say this is a good read for you if you are stuck in a rut and need to re-evaluate your closet to meet a certain goal, such as feeling confident in your clothes, having your clothes match your job or just to make sure you have all the necessities in your closet.

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