Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book of Lists or Lists of Books?

By Tiffany Young

If you're here you probably already read a lot. But in case you need inspiration, there have been a lot of bloggers out there creating their book of lists that I thought I'd share. I was going to add my own personal books that I want to read in the coming months, but realized many were already on these lists and most of them I'll be writing about at some point anyway, so find a topic below and get reading!

Here is a list of books to start learning about everything from finances to relationships:
Build Your Own Classroom

One of my favorite blogs for some reason is "The Art of Manliness." No, I don't have an identity problem, but they write about interesting topics no one else does. Here is a post on why men should read poetry with some suggestions on where to start. The list is totally fine for women, too! (And maybe you can leave the book on the bedside table for your man to stumble upon.)
Be a Man, Read a Poem

Trying to become more organized? Who isn't? Check out these three books on organization discovered by
The Washington Post.
3 books to help you with your organizational resolutions

Looking to change your life? These books encourage you to find your strengths and use them.
Two books to buy for 2011

Skip down to the educate yourself section at the bottom to find a list of finance books if you're motivated to get rid of debt and get financially fit this year:
How to take control of your finances in 2011

Interested in losing weight? Here are some tips and books to read:
How to Lose 20 Pounds in January

The Simple Dollar shares his books for 2011 (Even though he has a financial blog, they're not about finance):
Resolution 3

A minimalist blogger shares her goal for 2011 and lets followers see what she thought of various books.
Rowdy Kittens' 2011 Book Challenge

Live in the Bee Cave area? Their library has some new books to share:
New Year, New books

And lastly, read a review before you read the book. This can be a time saver!
New York Journal of Books

There are a lot more lists out there, but this should be a good start. I'll try to share more as they come up—especially a fiction section, since most of these involved nonfiction and self-help books mostly. Have a great weekend and happy book hunting!

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