Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anastacia Hopcus Book Tour

Author Anastacia Hopcus is going on a blog tour Dec. 5–18 for her first book "Shadow Hills." I really enjoyed the book and would encourage anyone who has an interest in "Twilight, or similar supernatural-type books, to check it out. There is the list of blogs she'll appear at on The Teen [Book] Scene.

Here's my quick synopsis:
This novel surpassed my expectations. In the beginning I worried it may just be a knockoff "Twilight," but as I continued reading it took it's own turn. Phe, the main character, moves from L.A. to an east coast private school because a brochure comes in the mail for her sister who has recently died. Her family has not been incredibly supportive since her sister's death and she feels led to the school.

As she moves to the new school and begins meeting people, the nightmares she's been having seem linked to real life and the mystery of why she was led to Shadow Hills private school leads her from one adventure to another to see how she fits into the odd events transpiring.

Hopefully there will be a sequel, as this fictional tale seems like just the beginning for this teen character.
Visit Hopcus Blog for more information or to purchase a copy.

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